Definitions for "Compliance"
Adherence to all the trial-related requirements, good clinical practice requirements and the applicable regulatory requirements.
To act to ensure that the terms of laws are met
The act of following orders and adhering to rules and policies, i.e. taking one's medication post transplant.
Compliance to the Visa and MasterCard regulatory bylaws. Also, a method of resolving a dispute between members if no chargeback reason code applies. The challenging member must prove financial loss due to a violation of MasterCard or Visa rules by the other member.
a difficult challenge
a great challenge to health organizations
The measurement in liters or cubic feet of the volume of air that is equal to the compliance of a speaker's total suspension.
a specialty, and speakers on this subject can be provided, as well as in-service training
The relative looseness (inverse of stiffness) of a speaker suspension, specified as Cms.
an institutional priority at the WVU NRCCE
an institutional priority at WVU and the NRCCE
a top priority at First Health Services
The compliance of a container (such as a lung or the heart) is defined as dV/dP, a function that assigns to each possible pair (Vo, Po) of volume and pressure values of the container a value equal to the ratio between a dV=(V-Vo) (where V is a volume close to Vo), to a small change in the pressure of the container dP=(P-Po), where P is close to Po. The greater the compliance, the floppier the container. The compliance of a contair is equal to the reciprocal of its elastance.
A measure of the ease with which a structure such as an artery can be stretched
A term used for the bladder to determine its ability to stretch or expand. Persons can have a "poorly compliant bladder" which means that the bladder does not stretch as well and holds smaller amounts of urine (small capacity).
refers to the regularity with which medications are taken by patients.
In medical language, the practice of taking one's medicines and following medical directions correctly and in full.
the extent to which an individual's behavior coincides with medical or health advice
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is when the auditor finds that practices meet Code requirements.
Meeting of official maximum residue limit (MRL) standards by residue levels in food consignments sampled and tested by approved methods.
An indication or judgement that the product or service meets the agreed requirement of the relevant specification; also the state of meeting the requirements.
Definition of Year 2000 Conformity Requirements (also known as century or millennium compliance) Prepared by a British Standards Institution committee. What is Compliance? The Y2k Cindrella Project definition. University of Florida Information Systems' Year2000 Compliance Statement . Proposed Criteria for "Century Compliance" . From GTE Corporation
This term is deprecated. The QA Working Group recommends to use the word Conformance. See Conformance.
Conformity with formal or official requirements. date, type, mandate, Departmental element, name methodology, result audit report, certification validation, incident report
a legal obligation imposed on all carriers covered by the statute
a safety and soundness issue due to the reputational, regulatory, legal, and financial risk exposure to the bank for being involved in money laundering schemes or willfully violating the BSA statute
The act of complying; a yielding; as to a desire, demand, or proposal; concession; submission.
A disposition to yield to others; complaisance.
a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others
Distribution of at least one copy (possibly the received copy) of a chain letter within one month of its receipt. Full compliance is distribution of the entire copy quota within a stated or implied deadline. CLEVO
to fulfill the rules, guidelines and/or meet the necessary deadlines
a core component of an SOA governance solution
a matter of national security, and is therefore scrutinized at the highest level of government
a matter of national security and, thus, the focus of continuous scrutiny at the highest levels of government
behaving in accordance with a request that is backed by little or no threat of punishment. 618
conducting extraction and restoration activities in accordance with terms and conditions established by law. contemporaneous: mining and reclamation operations conducted during the same period of time.
acting according to certain accepted standards
See Auditing for Compliance.
A document evidencing that a factory was deemed by an ICTI-accredited Audit firm to be in compliance with the ICTI Code as of the time of the ICTI Audit.
compliance - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
a complex task
a monumental task
an arduous task of administration and paper pushing
A Compact always includes undertakings (commitments, promises) on both sides and sometimes joint ones too. Compliance is about following and carrying out these undertakings along with the mechanisms (such as mediation or the Ombudsman) for resolving disagreements or alleged breaches.
a considerable concern and a disincentive to organisations to do everything they could for their disabled staff and visitors'
a primary concern
a significant concern for IT departments
a grassroots advocacy group comprised of parents, people with disabilities, etc
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See GLP compliance statement.
a key business risk managed and monitored by the Eskom Enterprises board
a manageable objective
a must for managed-care organizations, many hope that the gains they will achieve from the administrative savings per online transaction, will keep their operations competitive and efficient
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a routine function within HHLA operations (view privacy notice)
The tendency to agree to do things requested by others. go to glossary index
a change in behavior due to a direct request from another person
Changes in behavior that are elicited by direct requests.
a LOT easier for products used on Clearcoat paints
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The maximum V pp output of an amplifier.
The maximum possible peak-to-peak output of an amplifier.
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happy friendly agreement
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an American federal mandate, aiming to provide better access to health insurance, limit fraud and reduce administrative costs
a requirement when dealing with transmission of health care information
a set of rules to be followed by health plans, doctors, hospitals and other health care providers
Partial success of an influence attempt by a leader: The person makes a modest effort. [8
Doing what the group or social influencer asks.
cooperation continuum?a succession of events so closely related they cannot easily be separated
a given in most industrial computer enclosure applications
a whole new multi-million dollar industry for lawyers and consultants
an important building block for organizations as they develop their e-Health strategies
a process that can be incorporated into the overall planning strategy for any organization
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a primary focus of Earth Tech
a critical issue facing every healthcare provider
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a campus-wide responsibility
a site-specific matter and most appropriately handled by your EPA Regional Office and/or State Authority
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The amount of displacement per unit of applied force.
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a question that continually arises
a single comprehensive solution designed to
the act of submitting; usually surrendering power to another
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an on-going process
a process, not a destination
a BIG issue for examiners
an extremely important issue
Those attributes of a system that are implemented in a manner consistent with the organization's policies, standards, and procedures.
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see "s" Constant
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a two way street
Legally purchased software licenses that are being used appropriately based on the software publisher's terms and conditions.
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a good example
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See Certificate of Compliance
a practical working standard for companies