Definitions for "incorporated"
a new and promising educational collaboration between West African educators of higher learning and their American counterparts
Incorporated is the most recent album by American heavy metal band Grip Inc. It was released on March 16, 2004.
Incorporated is a mash-up album by The Legion of Doom. It was leaked via P2P networks in February 2006. This development, coupled with their frustrating year-long struggle to secure proper licensing for all the tracks, prompted them to reconsider their plan to release the album conventionally.
a distributor of professional quality kitchen knives and related accessories
a full service distributor and integrator of Automatic Identification products
a Manufacturer and Master Distributor of widely diverse lines of specialty and custom bundling machinery servicing virtually every industry
A firm or company that has been formed into a legal corporation by completing the required procedures.
Formed into a corporation and registered with a government body as such; made a legal entity.
a word added to the name of a US company, signifying that it is a corporation with limited liability.
If a company is formed which has its own identity separate from the identities of its members, it is incorporated.
means the result of formally making an organisation either into a company under the Companies Act 1993 or an incorporated society under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. Literally it means ‘made into a bodyâ€(tm).
a holding company in the energy sector whose principal operating subsidiaries are Nova Scotia Power Inc
formed or united into a whole
introduced into as a part of the whole; "the ideas incorporated in his revised manuscript"
a charitable (non-profit) organisation which was established
a non government organisation that provides services to people with an intellectual disability and mental illness
a non-profit, professional association dedicated to the exchange of information on performance management aspects of project management
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a one-stop shop for horse enthusiasts
a manufacturer in the USA and an importer of custom plastic products
United or combined together to form in one body.
brought in to form part of