Definitions for "United"
United is the debut album by French rock band Phoenix, released in 2000. Singles released from the album include Too Young, If I Ever Feel Better and Funky Squaredance.
United was the first of three albums by Motown soul music duo Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell. Released in 1967, the album yielded four Top 40 hits, including the two Top 10 singles "Your Precious Love" and "If I Could Build My Whole World Around You". Also included is what is today considered Gaye and Terrell's most notable duet record, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".
United is the fourth full length album by the Swedish heavy metal band Dream Evil. This is the first album by Dream Evil since the departures of Gus G. and Snowy Shaw, both of whom feature as guests on track 12.
United is the name of the 89th episode from the television series Star Trek: Enterprise. "United" first aired on February 4, 2005 on the American television network UPN.
involving the joint activity of two or more; "the attack was met by the combined strength of two divisions"; "concerted action"; "the conjunct influence of fire and strong dring"; "the conjunctive focus of political opposition"; "a cooperative effort"; "a united effort"; "joint military activities"
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fused together.
Combined; joined; made one.
characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity; "presented a united front"
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of or relating to two people who are married to each other