Definitions for "insider"
an officer of a corporation or others who have access to private information about the corporation's operations, especially information relating to profitability.
shareholder who owns more than 10% of a corporation, or an officer or director. Also, any individual who has inside information.
person who occupies a position of trust within a company and possesses information not known to the public.
the University's monthly internal staff newsletter published by Public Affairs.
a multi page e-mail newsletter published monthly by the Utah Mortgage Lenders Association and distributed on the fifteenth every other month
a newsletter providing industrial measurement and control systems users and suppliers with a monthly update on the continuing evolution and convergence of systems technologies
someone from inside a folk group who learns and passes on the folklife of the group, also called the emic point of view by folklorists and other social scientists.
Insider is the second album of the Manchester alternative rock band Amplifier. It was released by the German-based label SPV on 29 September in Germany and Austria then in the rest of europe on 2 October.
a Member who has paid additional money for more access
An insider is a member of any group of people of limited number and generally restricted access. The term is used in the context of secret, privileged, hidden or otherwise esoteric information or knowledge: an insider is a "member of the gang" and as such knows things only people in the gang know.
a practitioner of the religion in question, a devotee
a Web site to help individuals and employers have their questions about Health Savings Accounts answered
The boomerang from a pair of Trick Catch/Doubling boomerangs that returns first
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a convict doing a stretch in prison
an individual who enjoys a trusted status with your enterprise - a former employee, a current employee, a contractor, a customer or even a vendor acting on motives that are inconsistent with the best interests of your enterprise
a separate product, featuring a huge amount of additional, unique, valued-added material prepared especially for the business school audience
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a person who already works for a firm and has some influence over wage and hiring policy.
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an individual who has power (e