Definitions for "power"
The rate at which mechanical energy is exerted or mechanical work performed, as by an engine or other machine, or an animal, working continuously; as, an engine of twenty horse power.
A mechanical agent; that from which useful mechanical energy is derived; as, water power; steam power; hand power, etc.
The rate of doing work. It is measured in units of joules per second (J/s) and expressed in watts (W) where 1 W = 1 J/s. The fps unit of power is the horsepower, a rate of working equal to 550 ft-lbf per second. Conversions are: 1 horsepower = 745.7 W; 1 W = 10 erg/second.
The ability of a statistical test to verify the falsity of the null hypothesis.  Power is expressed as 1 - , where is the probability of a Type II Error.  In general, the specific value of ß is unknown, but it is affected by many aspects of the experiment as well as by the statistical procedures chosen by the researcher.  Obviously, having a powerful experiment is desirable.
The probability that a study can distinguish between a true exposure-to-disease relationship and a coincidence. The power of a study depends on the size of a study population, the amount of radiation exposure and the number of cases of the disease under investigation.
The power of a hypothesis test, (at a specified level of significance) is the probability of rejecting H0 when H0 is actually false, i.e. of the test correctly rejecting the null hypothesis. It is almost always a function of the parameter(s) that vary under H1.
The product arising from the multiplication of a number into itself; as, a square is the second power, and a cube is third power, of a number.
see exponent.
a mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself
The ability to act with force.
Ability to act, regarded as latent or inherent; the faculty of doing or performing something; capacity for action or performance; capability of producing an effect, whether physical or moral: potency; might; as, a man of great power; the power of capillary attraction; money gives power.
Ability, regarded as put forth or exerted; strength, force, or energy in action; as, the power of steam in moving an engine; the power of truth, or of argument, in producing conviction; the power of enthusiasm.
The degree to which a lens, mirror, or any optical instrument, magnifies; in the telescope, and usually in the microscope, the number of times it multiplies, or augments, the apparent diameter of an object; sometimes, in microscopes, the number of times it multiplies the apparent surface.
The power, or magnification rating, is the result of a mathematical calculation which divides the focal length of the telescope with the focal length of the eyepiece to determine how much closer the telescope makes distant objects appear. A 200 power telescope makes a distant planet appear 200 times closer – or 200 times larger than it really is.
(of a lens) The reciprocal of the lens' focal length (expressed in metres).
a small company setup and run by Dave Andrews undertaking engine tuning and building, it is sited in Milton Keynes
a small company setup and run by Dave Andrews undertaking K series engine tuning
Having the ability to do something or to act in a particular way; here, the freedom and ability to acknowledge openly one's sexual orientation or gender identity without fear of oppression, discrimination, injustice, violence, or abuse
One of the seven modes. Its Positive Pole is Authority; its Negative Pole is Oppression. Those in Power Mode approach the Goal and Relationships by FREEING THOUGHTS.
One of the seven modes. Its positive pole is authority; its negative pole is oppression. In power mode, one releases one's energy strongly.
a smart card based loyalty programme for fleet owners, XTRA Rewards is a loyalty programme that rewards customers purchasing fuel and lubricants on cash from select outlets
Although power is difficult to define, there is general agreement that power is exercise when A (one actor) induces B( another actor) to behave in a manner in which B would not otherwise behave. One taxonomy classifying the forms of power includes force (coercive power), exchange (economic power), and mutuality (integrative power).
Based on work originally proposed by the social psychologists French and Raven, there are six different breakdowns of power in interpersonal communication: referent, legitimate, reward, coercive, persuasive, and expert.
(3) A product of factors that are all the same. 5 x 5 x 5 (or 125) is called 5 to the third power, or the third power of 5, because 5 is a factor three times. 5 x 5 x 5 can also be written as 53.
A number written in exponential form. For example: 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 4
a product of equal factors
This article is about the Kansas album.
Power was the 3rd album by Q and Not U. It was released on October 5th of 2004. After touring in support of the album, the group disbanded in 2005, making this their last studio album.
Power is the second album by West Coast rapper Ice-T, released in 1988 (see 1988 in music).
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Power is a 1962 novel by Howard Fast detailing the rise of the fictional (?) Benjamin Holt, leader of the International Miner's Union, in the 1920s and 30s.
"Power" is a novel and screenplay written by author/producer J.A. Stiehl. It includes "The Legend of The Power", a series of 30 short stories and mini-novels about secondary charecters from the story "Power".
A wayward church is a powerless church. Paul informed Timothy of the eighteen thieves of power that left some in his day with "the form of godliness but denying the power thereof" (II Tim. 3:1-5). A season of revival is a time when power is gloriously renewed. We need not be surprised then that such seasons have been described as "Power From On High," and "Miraculous Power in the Church."
Power is necessary to mobilize action. Stewart Clegg argues that power is central to organization and organization is central to power (Clegg 1989). In his view, power is dynamic, being rather like a game. Power arises neither from the individual wills of powerful people nor from social structures but from interactions, usually complex ones. In hierarchies, power depends a lot on threats and inducements. In heterarchies, it depends mainly on persuasion and mutual benefit or mutual obligations. Power in organizations is often concealed, which obscures both the necessity of power in getting things done and the danger that power will corrupt. Section 3.5
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Power is a play by the British playwright Nick Dear. It is set in the court of King Louis XIV of France and explores the events and ideas that led him to take full control of government and become an absolute monarch.
A machine acted upon by an animal, and serving as a motor to drive other machinery; as, a dog power.
Strong self-confidence; a dog with power can move stubborn or fighting animals, often without nipping.
a branched chain amino acid formula designed to provide you with essential amino acids for muscle growth and faster recovery
a high potency formula that supplies the body with essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and recuperation
A form of political leadership in which the leader gets others to do his/her will by recourse to sanctions, either positive or negative. Power can only exist in societies in which there is deferential access to the means of a livelihood.
A military or naval force; an army or navy; a great host.
Applied force; force producing motion or pressure; as, the power applied at one and of a lever to lift a weight at the other end.
Realm of higher consciousness; active, impersonal force interacting with human existence.
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In the 6500-CX, the label "POWER" refers to the output of an aid in dB SPL.
Priority Output Writers, Execution processor and input Readers. An IBM program for spooling input and output data in DOS/VS and VSE/ESA operating systems environments.
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a very wealthy or powerful businessman; "an oil baron"
An authority enabling a person to dispose of an interest vested either in himself or in another person; ownership by appointment.
Hence, vested authority to act in a given case; as, the business was referred to a committee with power.
Authority to do. One has the power to do something if he is of legal age. Also, used as "powers," the term refers to authority granted by one person to another, i.e., powers given an executor in a will or an agent in a power of attorney.
The transponder amplification power
Performance Optimized With Enhanced RISC
a DuPont trademark licensed for use on apparel that meets DuPont approved performance standards
Water used for hydroelectric and hydromechanical power generation.
Percentage of runs on third or fourth down, two yards or less to go, that achieved a first down or touchdown. Also includes runs on first-and-goal or second-and-goal from the two-yard line or closer. Not adjusted for opponent. This is the only statistic among the Football Outsiders offensive and defensive line stats that includes quarterbacks as well as running backs.
The central organizing principle of Abortionism as identified by Orwell.
A technique in liposuction surgery that uses a motorized cannula to help break up the fat.
the more points per hit, the more powerful a list. If two gamesters each score five times, the gamester with five-pointers will always beat the gamester with three-pointers. But five-pointers are harder to spot than three-pointers, so balancing frequency with power remains one of the Game's greatest challenges.
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a mortal who has the shard of the soul of an Imperator put inside them
The advantageous special Descriptor associated with your Omegaed Planet. Powers generally fall outside the bounds of normal reality in the world. A Power should be somehow exceptional, either in nature or degree, so as to keep it distinct from other Traits.
Capacity of undergoing or suffering; fitness to be acted upon; susceptibility; -- called also passive power; as, great power of endurance.
A large quantity; a great number; as, a power o? good things.
(of a government or government official) holding an office means being in power; "being in office already gives a candidate a great advantage"; "during his first year in office"; "during his first year in power"; "the power of the president"
Trade name used by the Bata Shoe Organization for their athletic shoes. During the 1960's and 1970's, the Bata Shoe Organization used the "Bata" name on their athletic shoes; no more.
the degree to which individuals or groups can direct, persuade or coerce others to follow a course of action.
a more active and extradionary method to overcome limitations such as Invisibility
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In Stud, the highest exposed hand.
in Stud this is the hand that contains the strongest up card or the one with the most potential.
Usually used when referring to optical Power. For most Point source products and applications this will be quantified in terms of milliWatts (mW).
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a locomotive
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n: The only narcotic regulated by the SEC instead of the FDA.
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The operational aspect of a Rite.
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P(conclude H1 | H1 is true)
A name used to mention the engine units on a train.
Railroading term for the train engine.
To have the authority to approve or disapprove proposed courses of action. To make assignments and control allocation of people and resources.
In the specular property of a material, the value that determines the sharpness of specular highlights. A value of 5 gives a metallic appearance, and higher values give a more plastic appearance.
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
possession of the qualities (especially mental qualities) required to do something or get something done; "danger heightened his powers of discrimination"
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Prefix used to elevate a term to a level of x° (also called Mega-).
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An adjustable setting on a laser engraving system. The higher the power, the faster and deeper the machine will engrave.
Electricity provided to a home, building, or community.
Electricity necessary for performance
another word for electricity.
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the combination of speed and strength.
Strength + speed.
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a wonderful thing, soon the world will be at your feet
Generally used to describe a rod or blank's stiffness or resistance to bending.
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Is the ground glass that is put into the Pot for melting the final molten glass that will be used by the hot glass workers.
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see Sphere
Preserving Oaks Water Environmental Rights
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Same as Poor, the fish.
a time-domain integral based on each component's amplitude, frequency, and phase and the time range represented in the data
Card type. Powers are Skills that can be played at any time.
play -- an attempt to score by a team which has a numerical advantage in players due to a penalty or penalties.
That which allows one group to name and classify subordinate groups and to subject them to differential treatment.
"To be able." The set of relationships we all have to one another that allows us to make changes and solve problems. Examples include knowledge, position, and numbers.
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The property of a lens to bring light rays to a focus.
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an art that is a lot more difficult to achieve than in F/I
A number that indicates the operation of repeated multiplication.
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ሓይሊ View
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Turns power management on and off.
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Level Amount of power designed in each tool. Higher power level, more power.
Returns the value of a number raised to a specified power.
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to give one power over others