Definitions for "Susceptibility"
Condition of lacking the power to resist a particular disease or infection; thus in susceptible people "normal expected" results occur but with a lower exposure (or dose) than in the rest of the population
a lack of resistance of a body to the deleterious or other effects of agents such as pathogenic micro-organisms
lack of ability to resist some outside agent, like a virus
The state or quality of being susceptible; the capability of receiving impressions, or of being affected.
Specifically, capacity for deep feeling or emotional excitement; sensibility, in its broadest acceptation; impressibility; sensitiveness.
Refers to something that has responsiveness and sensitivity; susceptibility genes confer a higher than normal risk associated with some pathology.
the likelihood which a person has of being affected by a disease or condition.
The likelihood, or chance, that someone will be affected by something. For example, someone who is very susceptible to a particular disease may be more likely to get that disease than others, who are less susceptible.
Increased likelihood of an adverse effect, often discussed in terms of relationship to a factor that can be used to describe a human subpopulation (e.g., life stage, demographic feature, or genetic characteristic).
In electronic warfare, the degree to which electronic equipment is affected by electromagnetic energy radiated by an enemy's equipment, such as jamming transmitters.
The undesired response of electronic equipment to emissions, interference, or transients, or to signals other than those to which the equipment is intended to be responsive.
The degree to which a device, equipment, or weapons system is open to effective attack due to one or more inherent weaknesses. (Susceptibility is a function of operational tactics, countermeasures, probability of the enemy fielding a threat, etc.) Susceptibility is considered a subset of survivability! .
The level of expertness or sophistication the typical consumer has in regard to product use or purchasing. For example, the FTC is not likely to perceive medical doctors as highly susceptible to advertising claims and in great need of regulation to remedy any problem. However, the commission will apply a much stricter standard when the intended target of an ad is somehow disadvantaged (or susceptible), such as the elderly or children. There is current discussion in this area related to ads for casinos and lotteries and people with gambling problems.
How exposed or vulnerable something is.
the degree of ease by which a person is affected by a given phenomenon; synonymous with vulnerability. Individuals and populations have different susceptibilities to different types of events. Susceptibility is used in this document to denote the degree of ease by which a person or a population is affected by a given phenomenon; susceptibility and vulnerability are used interchangeably.
Probability for an individual or population of being affected by an external factor.
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Property of certain rocks to be magnetized in a direction parallel to the magnetic field they are in. The direction of magnetization of these rocks changes if they are moved to another location on earth
_A magnetic term for the ability of a substance, e.g. rock, to receive end transmit magnetic fields fronthe cosmos.
See magnetic susceptibility.
the potential for a public water supply system to draw water contaminated at concentrations that would pose concern, through geologic strata and overlying soil, direct discharge, overland flow, or cracks/fissures in the physical well or surface-water intake.
Increased risk of harm from toxic substances due to personal traits such as diet, smoking, drinking, allergy, and pregnancy.
The propensity of a particular receptor to experience Harm.
a test to determine the activity of antibiotics against microorganisms that have been isolated and identified from cultures. (May be performed in conjunction with urine culture.)
Capacity to be adversely affected by pesticide treatment.
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the state of being susceptible; easily affected
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term equivalent to hazard.