Definitions for "antibiotic"
A chemical substance derived from a mold or bacterium that kills microorganisms and cures infections.
any chemical substance having therapeutically useful antibacterial or antifungal activity; -- used commonly but loosely for synthetic as well as natural antimicrobial agents.
having antimicrobial activity; capable of killing microbes.
Fatigue Parenteral
Hemorrhage Parenteral
a good thing to prevent pneumonia from developing, but a steroid like pred may actually make things worse
Griseofulvin Pneumonia
Fluconazole Pneumonia
Hypertension Pulmonary
Hypertension Pyoderma
Genitourinary Pulmonary
Fungus Polymorphic
Hyperthermia Polymorphic
Homologous Psychiatry
Homologous Proteins
Heartburn Pernicious
Heartburn Postoperative
Gastrostomy Parasitic
Hemocytes Parasitic
Keywords:  pilocarpine
Keywords:  hamartoma, proteoglycans
Hamartoma Proteoglycans
Keywords:  hypolipidemic, reductase
Hypolipidemic Reductase
Keywords:  granuloma
Gastroenteritis Rehydration
Keywords:  phenytoin, gingivitis
Gingivitis Phenytoin
Keywords:  flaccid, preclinical
Flaccid Preclinical
Immunity Ribavirin
Immunization Quinolones
Immunity Salmonella
Hypotension Predisposition
Keywords:  glycine, parietal
Glycine Parietal
Keywords:  riboflavin
Keywords:  hiccup, pediatrics
Hiccup Pediatrics
Keywords:  retinopathy
Keywords:  oncogene, gonadal
Gonadal Oncogene
Keywords:  gynecology, rectal
Gynecology Rectal
Keywords:  flexion
Keywords:  poison, fistula, selective
a selective poison
Fistula Poisoning
Glossodynia Proteins
Halitosis Proteins
Hyperkeratosis Paralysis
Keywords:  paradoxical
Keywords:  prolapse, genotype
Genotype Prolapse
Keywords:  protease
Keywords:  spondylitis, ingestion
Ingestion Spondylitis
Keywords:  ginseng, phenotype
Ginseng Phenotype
Keywords:  psoriasis
Keywords:  hydrolysis, physiologic
Hydrolysis Physiologic
Keywords:  prenatal
Keywords:  hyperplasia, posterior
Hyperplasia Posterior
Keywords:  papillary, gland
Gland Papillary
Keywords:  proteolytic, indicative
Indicative Proteolytic
Keywords:  prevalence
Keywords:  hepatic
Keywords:  potassium
Keywords:  hematology, lung, cancer, non, small
Hematology Non-small cell lung cancer
an agent that interferes with the development machinery of an undesirable biological invader
Keywords:  hybridization, pulse
Hybridization Pulse
Keywords:  reliability
Keywords:  pertaining
of or pertaining to an antibiotic.
Keywords:  promoter
Keywords:  prostate
a medication that is prescribed to you by your doctor
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Keywords:  genital
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"against life"