Definitions for "Inoculation"
The act or practice of communicating a disease to a person in health, by inserting contagious matter in his skin or flesh, usually for the purpose of inducing immunity to the disease.
The introduction of microorganisms into a growth medium, to cause the growth and multiplication of the microorganisms.
Putting a low dose of a disease into the body to help it fight against a more serious attack of the disease
the process of placing nitrogen fixing bacteria on legume seeds.
serum made with bacteria
Process of introducing cultures of bacteria into soils, seeds etc. Adding Rhizobia culture to a legume seed such as alfalfa.
If you dreamed of being inoculated, your creditors will be sympathetic and cooperative with your finiancial problems.
Fig.: The communication of principles, especially false principles, to the mind.
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The act or art of inoculating trees or plants.