Definitions for "Yeast"
The foam, or troth (top yeast), or the sediment (bottom yeast), of beer or other in fermentation, which contains the yeast plant or its spores, and under certain conditions produces fermentation in saccharine or farinaceous substances; a preparation used for raising dough for bread or cakes, and making it light and puffy; barm; ferment.
A form of fungus which grows as individual rounded cells, rather than in a mycelium, and reproduces by budding; esp. members of the orders Endomycetales and Moniliales. Some fungi may grow both as a yeast or as a mycelium, depending on the conditions of growth.
A tiny plant-like microorganism that serves as a catalyst in the process of fermentation. See Also: fermentation. process.
Microscopic fungal organisms that thrive in warm, moist environments, including the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Normally harmless, intestinal yeast can overgrow as a result of antibiotic use, stress, poor diet, and other factors, triggering a wide range of health problems.
Related Topic"...Common yeast infections include candidiasis and thrush..."
A single-cell organism that may cause infection in the mouth, vagina, gastrointestinal tract, and any or all bodily parts. Common yeast infections include candidiasis and thrush.
Nutritional yeast is a good source of the B-complex vitamins, trace minerals, and some protein. A heaping tablespoon of yeast will color a dog's urine yellow due to its content of riboflavin.
Yeast is used to increase palatability (taste) and also supports existing bacteria in the gut, which in turn supports many animal functions like the immune system, digestions mineral and vitamin uptake and absorption.
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Spume, or foam, of water.
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Various yeasts are commonly identified on air samples. Some yeasts are reported to be allergenic. They may cause problems if a person has had previous exposure and developed hypersensitivity's. Yeasts may be allergenic to susceptible individuals when present in sufficient concentrations.
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Used in masks for oily or blemished skin
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Deep South] Pitch in Razor Dance
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more information - recipes
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The act of raising when it is your turn to act.
A raise. "Let's give this pot a little yeast."