Definitions for "Top-fermenting yeast"
Keywords:  fruitier, sweeter, yeast, beer, cellar
Also known as "ale yeast", top-fermenting yeast floats to the top of the beer and works at cellar or room temperature. It tolerates higher alcohol levels and produces a fruitier more complex beer.
One of the two types of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) used in brewing, also referred to as "ale" yeast; works well at warmer temperatures, able to tolerate higher alcohol concentrations, and ferments fewer sugars for a fruitier, sweeter taste.
A style of yeast that works at cellar or warm temperatures and floats to the top of the beer. Ale yeasts are responsible for the creation of most beers other than lagers. However, this style of brewing is practiced mostly in England and very few breweries in the US use this type of yeast to produce real ales. Instead, US ales are made with a modified lagering process.