Definitions for "Rauchbier"
Keywords:  lager, malt, beer, smoke, german
A German-style of lager made with smoked malts.
A malty, slightly oily Lager produced, using beechwood smoked malt, especially around the German city of Bamberg and elsewhere in the Bavarian region of Franconia. This style has recently been adopted by new brewers outside of Germany. Good with smoked meats and sausages. Rauchbiers are also beginning to denote ales made with wood smoked malt. Oak-smoked ales are a minor tradition in rural Poland, and several craft-brewers produce ales whose malt has been smoked over a variety of woods (alder, cherry, maple, apple, etc.) There are three broad categories of beers with smoky aromas and flavors: Rauchbier, Peat-smoked beer and stone beer. These beers go well with smoked meats and sharp cheeses.
Smoke Beer” made from malt cured in wood smoke.