Definitions for "Smoky"
Keywords:  oak, smoke, aroma, barrel, fum
Emitting smoke, esp. in large quantities or in an offensive manner; fumid; as, smoky fires.
Having the appearance or nature of smoke; as, a smoky fog.
Filled with smoke, or with a vapor resembling smoke; thick; as, a smoky atmosphere.
Keywords:  lapsang, souchong, faulty, faint, teas
A desirable characteristic fragrance and flavor of some China teas, especially Lapsang Souchong, which varies from faint to strong. Also found in other teas due to faulty manufacture.
A desirable characteristic of some Chinese teas, especially Lapsang Souchong. When found in other teas, it is undesirable.
tea taster's term for teas that have been fired over smoky flames, imparting a smoky flavor
Keywords:  suspicion, suspicious, open
Suspicious; open to suspicion.
Keywords:  animalic, birch, thrust, perfumes, tar
notes are used mainly in masculine perfumes to create natural leather effects. In modern leather notes the smoky notes are thrust into the background by animalic notes but the old, classical leather perfumes contain noticeable smoky notes which originate from birch tar oil.
Describes a finish when it has a cloudy look and is not bright, transparent and high in gloss.
Keywords:  brownish, quartz, look, type
Quartz Smoky Quartz is a type of brownish quartz that has a smoky look.
Certain degrees that, according to tradition, have a moderate, or middling quality, particularly regarding appearance and character. Compare Light and Dark degrees.