Definitions for "Harsh"
Rough; disagreeable; grating
disagreeable to the touch.
disagreeable to the taste.
A hard wine with excessive acidity will be "harsh". The acid accentuates the tannins and increases the drying sensation known as astringency.
Too much upper midrange. Peaks in the frequency response from 2 to 6 kHz. Or, excessive phase shift.
Sharply acidic or with high tannin content
Severe, cruel, or exacting
extremely unkind or cruel; "had harsh words"; "a harsh and unlovable old tyrant"
used of circumstances (especially weather) that cause suffering; "brutal weather"; "northern winters can be cruel"; "a cruel world"; "a harsh climate"; "a rigorous climate"; "unkind winters"
Having violent contrasts of color, or of light and shade; lacking in harmony.
A crude, unbalanced odor. No harmony! This is what you will discover on your first tries.
Unbalanced wine that is tough on the palate.
Keywords:  sgradevole, duro, aspro, ruvido
"aspro, ruvido, duro, sgradevole"
Difficult or painful. "Can you believe how harsh the trail got after the rains?"
Refers to an asphalt mix that is difficult to compact and handle.
A term which describes wool lacking in softness to the touch.
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severe; "a harsh penalty"