Definitions for "Acidity"
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The quality of being sour; sourness; tartness; sharpness to the taste; as, the acidity of lemon juice.
All wine contains acids, but should not have too much of them. Young wines are generally more acidic than older ones.
Essential for the life and vitality of all wines, particularly champagne. Relatively high degrees are required to carry the flavor through the tactile sensation of the mousse.
Degree of acid found in a given paper measured by the pH factor. pH is measured from 0-14. From 0-6 is considered acid, 7 representing neutral, from 8-14 alkaline.
The quality, state or degree of being acid. In lubricating oils, acidity denotes the presence of constituents whose concentration is usually defined in terms of a neutralisation number. The constituents vary in nature and may or may not markedly influence the behaviour of the fluid.
The level of hydrogen ion concentration in a solution. Acidity is measured on the pH scale. The pH scale is a logarithmic scale. The majority of readings go from 1 (very high acidity) to 14 (very high alkalinity).
Acidity is a Dystopian cyber novelette written by eccentric Pakistani journalist and writer, Nadeem F. Paracha. Written exclusively for the website in 2003, it has gone on to become a controversial cult favorite among many young Pakistanis and Indians.
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The quantity of acid in a substance, usually expressed as a pH. Introduction Task Process Information resources Guidance Dr. Bravo Ms. Alarcón Dr. Sosa Dr. Soto Mr. Sanchez
The quality, state or degree of being acid. Paper may become acidic from the ingredients used in its manufacture, from the environment or both.
The quality of a material to be acidic (pH under 7) when exposed to moisture or water producing a red/pink reaction to litmus paper. Insulation that creates an acidic environment when exposed to water can contribute to corrosion of the system. Dyplast's polyisocyanurate and expanded polystyrene products do not react with water, creating neither a basic nor acidic environment; therefore they do not contribute to corrosion.
the quality of being acid. Relative acid strength of a liquid is measured by pH. A liquid with a pH below 7 is acid. See pH value.
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Flatulence Pathologic
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Level of free fatty acids. In olive oil, measured by free oleic acid content.
Paper that is acidic contains acid from the manufacturing process and therefore causes the discoloration over time. Acidity can also be a result of the handling and storage of paper or paper projects.
Increase in the acid content of stomach; a sign of indigestion
Characterized by a low pH (under 7). A common characteristic of northern soils and waters. The opposite of basic.
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A condition in which the urine becomes more acid than normal.
the total amount of acid and acid-forming substances in water. Water with a pH below 7 is considered acidic.
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the amount of acid in a substance
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the property of being acidic