Definitions for "Steely"
Keywords:  firmly, taste, morio, muskat, fum
a firm, yet lean tasting wine with decent acidity. Has been used to describe the varietals coming from Germany. These varietals include, Morio Muskat, Muller Thurgau and Scheurebe.
a firm, intense, positive quality in dry wines with good acidity, such as Chablis Structure…the balance and intensity of the basic components (acid, tannin, alcohol, colouring matter
Bracing, with intense mineral character. Usually a white-wine characteristic.
Resembling steel; hard; firm; having the color of steel.
Shrill. Like "hard," but more so.
resembling steel as in hardness; "steely eyes"; "steely nerves like those of a steeplejack"
Keywords:  peaky, nonflat, edgy, glassy, khz
Emphasized upper mids around 3 - 6 kHz. Peaky, nonflat high-frequency response. (See Glassy, Harsh, Edgy.)
Keywords:  consisting
Made of steel; consisting of steel.