Definitions for "Corked"
Keywords:  musty, taint, moldy, mouldy, smell
having acquired an unpleasant taste from the cork; as, a bottle of wine is corked.
term relating to the presence of bacteria in cork that reacts with small amounts of chemical that may have remained in the bottle after it was cleaned. The result is described as 'wet dog,' 'socks,' or an otherwise musty odor.* crianza: In Spain crianza is the basic quality level of red wine. These are the wines that Spaniardsdrink every day, and are typically quite balanced and delicious. Wine laws in Spain dictate that crianzas must be aged for a minimum of six months in barrel, although these laws may be even more stringent in different DO (Denominacion de origen).
Describes a bottle of wine that is "off" due to air spoilage, a tainted cork or improper cellaring.
As breathing improves, a small device (a cork) is used to cover the opening created by the tracheostomy tube.
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sealed with a cork