Definitions for "Salts"
There are many "salts" in nature, including magnesium hydrate or, calcium carbonate, but the one of primary interest in nutrition is NaCl (sodium chloride), or "table salt. It is significant because, being such an excellent flavour enhancer, it is used extensively and, for those who have high blood pressure, or oedema, it is to be kept at the lowest level possible.
positively charged ions such as chloride, ammonium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, and manganese
Sodium chloride (NaCl, or table salt), is what we commonly think of as salt. Salts, however, are a broader category that include all chemical compounds that are derived from acids by replacing the hydrogen wholly or partly with a metal or nonmetal.
Minerals that water picks up as it passes through the air, over and under the ground, or from households and industry.