Definitions for "Aggressive"
Reproduced sound that is excessively forward and bright.
wine with very strong acidity or astringency
A wine with excessive astringency accentuated by high acidity.
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A player who frequently bets and raises. Compare to "passive"; see also aggression (poker), "loose", "tight".
A style of play characterized by frequent raising and re-raising. This is not the same thing as loose play. Many good players are selective about the cards they will play, but aggressive once they get involved in a hand. An aggressive table is one dominated by aggressive players.
A playing style attributed to people who play a lot of hands, raise, and bluff frequently – Also known as a loose style.
Tending or disposed to aggress; having or showing determination and energetic pursuit of one's own ends at the expense of others or mindless of others' needs or desires; characterized by aggression; making assaults; unjustly attacking; as, an aggressive policy, war, person, nation; an aggressive businessman; an aggressive basketball player; he was aggressive and imperious in his convictions; aggressive drivers. Opposite of unaggressive.
An investment strategy characterized by a willingness to accept above-average risk in pursuit of above-average returns. Usually favors stocks over bonds, especially stocks of rapidly growing companies, and sometimes employs buying on margin, options trading, and arbitrage.
An investment strategy with an above-average risk tolerance, with the expectation of above-average returns. Aggressive strategies usually favor the purchase of stocks of rapidly growing companies, buying on margin, and options trading.
marked by self-confident ambition, competitiveness, energy and initiative; as, an aggressive young executive.
marked by aggressive ambition and energy and initiative; "an aggressive young exective"; "a pushful insurance agent"; "a pushing youth intent on getting on in the world"
Aggressive water refers to low (DS) mineral or mineral-free water. It easily dissolves minerals from pipes, including scale deposits and metal pipes. Aggressive water is also corrosive. Only plastic piping and containers are recommended to transport mineral-free water.
adjective A type of skating where the emphasis is on stunts, performed either on street courses or specially-built ramps or -pipes.
Refers to the corrosive properties of soil and water.
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1. adj. Optimistic, vigorous, very active. In IBM, implies an element of risk: "We are moving on a very aggressive schedule." 2. adj. Overly ambitious. As used on a foil (see): "The plan was very aggressive," which actually means "We did not make target."
a strong or rough action; an offensive action The judge said the defendant's action was deliberately aggressive and intended to harm. aggressive (adj), aggressively (adv), aggressiveness (n)
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tending to spread quickly
An aggressive cancer is a quickly growing cancer.
Rapidly growing and likely to spread (said of a tumor).
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EA dog can become aggressive when it sees other dogs.EHe is an aggressive salesman.EHe seems to be very quiet, but he also has an aggressive side.
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taking away the rights of others to get something you want. Putting them down and/or making them feel threatened.
behave in a forceful or angry way which can make others feel threatened
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characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight
wanting to fight, be dominant, attack
A term used for vigourous or violent penetration.
A property of water which favors the corrosion of its conveying structure