Definitions for "Threatened"
Generally, a species is considered threatened if its populations are being reduced greatly in number by an outside force such as humans. Threatened birds typically have much hope for recovery but should be carefully monitored and protected.
To give warning signs of impending peril.  To be exposed to danger or harm.
The term is used in the 2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals to refer collectively to species categorized as "Critically Endangered" (CR), "Endangered" (EN), "Vulnerable" (VU), "Low Risk" (LR), or "Data Deficient" (DD).
miscarriage – Vaginal bleeding or spotting with or without cramping occurring early in the pregnancy which may lead to loss of the fetus.
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adj] at risk of being reduced to very low population levels
Keywords:  danger, risk
In danger or at risk.