Definitions for "Miscarriage"
The act of bringing forth a child before the time it is viable; a premature birth, resulting in death of the fetus; spontaneous abortion.
loss of the fetus during pregnancy.
expulsion of a fetus before it has developed sufficiently to survive on its own
an intensely sad and devastating experience
an intensely sad and frightening experience
a traumatic experience for most women who go through it
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a terrible ordeal
a horrible thing, and people tend to blame it on the things they did
an awful thing to happen to anyone, the choice is taken away from you - it's heart wrenching
Unfortunate event or issue of an undertaking; failure to attain a proper or desired result or reach a destination; as, a serious miscarriage of justice.
a common event
a natural event, and although it can become dangerous with serious infection or exaggerated bleeding, it usually is a self-limited complication
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a conversation stopper
Ill conduct; evil or improper behavior; as, the failings and miscarriages of the righteous.
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a reaction of the body, NOT a reaction to reflexology
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Firing a Rifle and missing a target.
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See Fetal Death
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a little different in that after a birth, you don't want or expect fertility to return right away
a natural process and nature is generally efficient at cleaning out the uterus without medical help
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failure of a plan