Definitions for "Righteous"
characterized by or proceeding from accepted standards of morality or justice; "the...prayer of a righteous man availeth much"- James 5:16
morally justified; "righteous indignation"
Doing, or according with, that which is right; yielding to all their due; just; equitable; especially, free from wrong, guilt, or sin; holy; as, a righteous man or act; a righteous retribution.
They are the believers in Jesus who honor God and order their lives in all things according to His will. In every human relationship they faithfully fulfill the obligations that the relationship entails, remembering that power and authority, of whatever sort: domestic, social, political, economic, religious, and intellectual, are used to bless others, not to exploit them.
(n. righteousness) To be one who does what is right; to be in a right relationship with God.
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(adj) splendid, okay, Ex. "That was a righteous queen I dug you with last black".