Definitions for "Molar pregnancy"
An abnormal pregnancy with a cystic growth of the placenta hydatidiform mole develops from the trophoblastic tissue of the early embryonic stage of development. In a molar pregnancy, all of the usual signs are highly exaggerated. The growth of the uterus is unusually rapid, morning sickness is often severe and there are high levels of chorionic gonadotropin as well as high blood pressure. In such cases the uterus must be evacuated to prevent the mole from developing into choriocarcinoma. Also known as gestational trophoblastic disease or GTN.
An abnormally formed placenta that results in miscarriage. Also called a hydatidiform mole. Women with molar pregnancies will need blood work after they miscarry to make sure that all the abnormal placental tissue has been evacuated.
an abnormality during pregnancy; chorionic villi around an aborting embryo degenerate and form clusters of fluid-filled sacs
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