Definitions for "Fetal"
Keywords:  unborn, fetus, pertaining, tuhl, natal
Pertaining to, or connected with, a fetus; as, fetal circulation; fetal membranes.
Relating to the fetus
Pertaining to the fetus.
A suckling; also one that gives suck. More especially, an absorbent. As a young child, sleeping with a very old person, is robbed of its vitality. The imperceptible nutrition; the unseen current of life that passes from one person to another. A healer gives haoma (fetal food) to the sick. A child that dies before birth, has a fetal spirit; it is fetaled on a mortal until it attains development. Many full-grown spirits (angels) fetal themselves on mortals, and so live. These are called vampire fetals. Persons who have been drunkards or gormandizers on flesh food, after death, fetal themselves on other mortals, living on their atmosphere, especially of drunkards and smokers and gross eaters.
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alcohol effect (FAE) - a cognitive deficiency in the offspring of an alcoholic mother. It is considered less serious than FAS.
position - Curled up on your side with your knees drawn to your chest.  This is the position in which babies grow inside their mothers.