Definitions for "Embryo"
The first rudiments of an organism, whether animal or plant
The young of an animal in the womb, or more specifically, before its parts are developed and it becomes a fetus (see Fetus).
The germ of the plant, which is inclosed in the seed and which is developed by germination.
Melanoma Thyroxine
Orthopaedic Thyroxine
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"Embryo" is the 14th single released by the Japanese rock group Dir en grey and the third single of the Kisou era. The single edit of "Embryo" features lyrics entirely different from those on the album, the latter depicting a far more disturbing and explicit scenario. English translations of both versions can be found at centigrade-j (reader's discretion advised).
"Embryo" (sometimes called "The Embryo") is a song by Pink Floyd. It was a concert staple for a time but has long since been omitted. It was never released on a studio album but did appear in greatly shortened form on the compilation Works in 1983 and also on a rare multi-artist album entitled Picnic - A Breath of Fresh Air.
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Paclitaxel Ultrasonography
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Morphogenesis Symptomatic
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Ocular Vesicular
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Overdose Trisomy
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Mucosa Tumour
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Parietal Vascular
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Optic Testolactone
An incipient nucleus of many molecular dimensions for the initiation of one phase in another, as ice in supercooled water.
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embryon = fruit of womb before birth, from bryein = to grow, swell out.
Before birth, the maturing cells that will grow into a fully formed organism.
a basic cell of life
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a person," the Texas Republican said
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Germ of grain, not including scutellum.
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a single cel
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a creation of God and not to be treated lightly
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a living being and all life should be treated with respect
a living being and incapable of giving consent
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an individual, no matter how small
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a potential person
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forms when all the organs of the body have taken shape.