Definitions for "morphogenesis"
The development of the tissues and organs of an organism; the formation of structural features of an organism.
The combined processes of cell division, differentiation, organ initiation, and organ development.
Transformation of tissue or organs through development and differentiation.
Morphogenesis is a British experimental music group specializing in improvised music and the use of unconventional instruments and sound-making devices. Founded in 1985, the group usually comprised of ex-Scratch Orchestra member Roger Sutherland (also the author of New Perspectives In Music, London: Sun Tavern Fields. ISBN 0-9517012-6-6), occasional Nurse With Wound collaborator Clive Graham, Adam Bohman, Ron Briefel, Clive Hall and later, Michael Prime, a regular cohort of Organum, with whom Sutherland had also worked.
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Branch of math founded by Alan Turing ca 1952 with ancient and classical roots, eg, Kepler, Goethe.
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The process of pattern formation.