Definitions for "Little"
Small in size or extent; not big; diminutive; -- opposed to big or large; as, a little body; a little animal; a little piece of ground; a little hill; a little distance; a little child.
Short in duration; brief; as, a little sleep.
Small in quantity or amount; not much; as, a little food; a little air or water.
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younger brother or sister; "little brother"
my 9 year old little diva of a s ister. Not a sister by blood: I (if you can believe it) mentor.
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an understatement
stroke - a usually transient blockage of one or more arteries in the cerebrum causing temporary numbness or impaired function of a part, slowed mentation, speech defects, dizziness, and nausea
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not much; "he talked little about his family"
a track that Steve Gaines (guitar/vocals) brought to the fold from his pre- Skynyrd days
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a factory shrink the box Testors Italeri
a pity, understanding just how entertaining and as a simple point and support you want and the world, the games are completely free to play with
a world of bark tangled up chaotically
Keywords:  gattegno, lot, nothing, better
a lot , as Gattegno said
a lot better than nothing
a pretty straightforward narrative, first person
a very good thing, but too much and you'll find yourself on the rocks
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adjective सà¤3/4नो, जà¤3/4बो, पुन्चे general
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like know its keep