Definitions for "dwarf"
A diminutive human being, small in stature due to a pathological condition which causes a distortion of the proportions of body parts to each other, such as the limbs, torso, and head. A person of unusually small height who has normal body proportions is usually called a midget.
A small, usually misshapen person, typically a man, who may have magical powers; mythical dwarves were often depicted as living underground in caves.
Short, stocky and bearded. Often live underground. Good at fighting, mining and masonry. Bad at swimming. Like beer and gold. Hate water when gathered in anything larger than a puddle. Grumpy
DWARF is also a standard file format for the information generated by compilers, assemblers and linkers that are necessary for symbolic source-level debugging. We usually save everything in an ELF/DWARF 2.0 format for this class.
Debugging Information Format
Debugging and traceback information (embedded in ELF).
An animal or plant which is much below the ordinary size of its species or kind.
a person who is conspicuously smaller than other people of the same age and species
A variety or cultivar that is smaller than the species tree, but retains all of the characteristics of a full size species tree. Dwarfs are typically compact and slow growing.
Any star with radius comparable to, or smaller than, that of the Sun (including the Sun itself).
a star of small mass, high density and low luminosity, named according to its color (red dwarf, white dwarf...)
a label we've given to a celestial object that is a cross between a star and a planet
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Shorter than its normal growth. Each family of plants has a height recommendation for dwarfness.
a plant that, due to an inherited characteristic is shorter or slower growing then other forms.
An nature spirit that is short, dark, ranging in height from two inches to two feet.
To hinder from growing to the natural size; to make or keep small; to stunt.
To become small; to diminish in size.
a person who is abnormally small
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a very solitary being, some of them go through their entire lives only having a few people they talk to
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check the growth of; "the lack of sunlight dwarfed these pines"
Generates and deploys a web application for invoking and testing any web service
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A 15-year FNMA security.
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a great character to choose
Pool of mortgage-backed securities with a maturity of 15 years, issued by the Federal National Mortgage Association.
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( see table.)