Definitions for "Bigfoot"
an ape-like alien that is sometimes seen on Earth; also known as Sasquatch or yeti
also known as the yeti and various other names. This large manlike creature is said to dwell in the hills and mountains of the wilderness. Often described as being covered with hair and standing 8-9 feet tall. Legends of the Bigfoot have been around for centuries. Except for some odd footprints, some hair found on a branch, or strange blurry pictures, it is still not known if this creature really exists.
large hairy humanoid creature said to live in wilderness areas of the United States and Canada
A steel pad mounted on the bottom of the dropbolt. Used when the floor or countertop can not be drilled to accept a dropbolt socket. This is for crowd control, not a high security option.
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The Bigfoot hard drive was a brand of hard disk marketed by Quantum Corporation in the mid-1990s which featured a larger physical size than hard disks typical at the time. Typical hard drives are 3.5" in diameter, while Bigfoot hard drives were 5.25" wide and fit in a standard IBM PC drive bay. The main rationale behind the design change was that the typical PC user already owns cases that made provision for a 5.25" drive, and by using lower data densities and a larger physical size, Quantum was able to deliver the products at lower prices, thus more competitively.