Definitions for "orc"
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A mythical monster of varying descriptions; an ogre.
Mand sized ugly humanoid. Also often violent.
(ORK) - A race of beings who have a very feral nature. They are characterized by their low, ridged brows, a sallow skin, and no body hair.
State of Ohio laws
Ohio Revised Code. Statutory and regulatory law of Ohio as opposed to court mandated common law. ORC also codifies common law.
Ohio Revised Code. All the permanent and general laws of the state of Ohio, revised and consolidated into general provisions, chapters and sections. ORC is revised by each General Assembly (The House of Representatives and the Senate) throughout its four year term.
Any of several cetaceans, especialy the grampus (Grampus griseus) of the dolphin family.
Ordnance Refurbishment Center (ROC Army)
Outdoor Recreation Centre. An association of various Victorian outdoor organisations such as the Camping Association of Victoria, Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, etc
Office of Regional Counsel. The EPA's legal office in the regions. Tyrpically, an ORC attorney is assigned to each Superfund case.
see Opinion Research Corporation.
Overseas Research Counselors: determines cost of living overseas
Optimised Replacement Cost
On Road Cost: additional cost to have the scooter registered
Oxidation Reduction Catalyst (GM)
Optimum Recording Control - Adjusts signal frequency to give optimum recording and playback results, given the head and tape conditions.
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This stands for “Old Reliable Conductors” and they were the union that represented conductors during the mid to late 19th century.
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origin recognition complex
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oral cavity
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Oxygen Release Compound
The Organizations, Regulations and Courses book that lists every College course.
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Other Related Conditions
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Origin Receiving Charge.
The orca.