Definitions for "Lamia"
Keywords:  devour, creature, torso, goat, monster
A monster capable of assuming a woman's form, who was said to devour human beings or suck their blood; a vampire; a sorceress; a witch.
A female creature, often very beautiful, but with feet that do not match (e.g., one cow's, one goat's). Lámies are often very large with huge breasts. They are found near water sources where they attack people, especially young men.
a female cannibal monster that devours children and drinks men's blood when they are asleep
Lamia (Greek: Λαμία; see also List of traditional Greek place names) is a city in central Greece. It is a site of archaeological excavation (a castle dating from the pre-classical years, reconstructed in the early middle ages). Lamia is the capital of the prefecture of Phthiotis and the periphery of Central Greece (comprising 5 prefectures).
Keywords:  corpse, folklore, night, drink, rises
(folklore) a corpse that rises at night to drink the blood of the living