Definitions for "Unicorn"
A fabulous animal with one horn; the monoceros; -- often represented in heraldry as a supporter.
A two-horned animal of some unknown kind, so called in the Authorized Version of the Scriptures.
a horse with a single horn. Said to have magical powers in healing and the bringing of luck. The horn of the unicorn was prized for its ability to nullify all poisons that it came in contact with. Legend says that only those most pure in heart and soul may be approached by them.
Unicorn is a 1969 album by British band Tyrannosaurus Rex, comprising Marc Bolan (vocals, guitar) and Steve "Peregrin" Took (bongos, African drums, kazoo, pixiephone, Chinese gong). It reached number 12 in the UK charts.
Unicorn (Milos Masaryk) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in the Marvel Comics universe.
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A howitzer.
Any large beetle having a hornlike prominence on the head or prothorax.
The library automation software developed by SIRSI that underlies ACORN, the libraries' on-line catalog.
Library computer system with access to library catalog, user services, database and archives.
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The larva of a unicorn moth.
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The kamichi; -- called also unicorn bird.
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Way too 70's to make the New Millennium; see dolphins and whales
A unicorn may suggest that you have psychic powers. Page Top Vase A vase often tells of a friend who will ask you for advice or consolation.
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