Definitions for "dragon"
A fabulous animal, generally represented as a monstrous winged serpent or lizard, with a crested head and enormous claws, and regarded as very powerful and ferocious.
A luminous exhalation from marshy grounds, seeming to move through the air as a winged serpent.
A small arboreal lizard of the genus Draco, of several species, found in the East Indies and Southern Asia. Five or six of the hind ribs, on each side, are prolonged and covered with weblike skin, forming a sort of wing. These prolongations aid them in making long leaps from tree to tree. Called also flying lizard.
being defeated by St. George depicts triumph over sin
Lews Therin Telamon. The Dragon Reborn is his reincarnation (= Rand). False Dragons are those claiming to be the Dragon Reborn but lacking his credentials.
a big lizard so that is where the term of endearment came from
Motif popular in Chinese rugs that symbolizes good fortune.
Dragons will bring power and influence wherever you so choose to place them. The dragon supports the water element; best placing it facing water, clean water such as an ocean, river, stream or a fountain. The dragon brings the power of rain showers for abundant harvests, the principle of heaven and male yang power. If you place a dragon in front of the entrance door, inside, it symbolises great protection to the premises and the occupants.
a powerful symbol that represents heaven
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a book that is easy to read and easy to understand, though not one that will appeal to everyone
an awesome story that kept me absorbed until the end of the book
a spellbinding adventure, which includes danger, humor, fear, hope and a tender love story
This refers to the economy of any of the nations that form the second wave of newly industrialised countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.
The Dragon economies are those of nations that form the second wave of newly industrialised countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.
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a thing to be reckoned w
a thing to be reckoned with
a very sane thing to be
A fierce, violent person, esp. a woman.
a fiercely vigilant and unpleasant woman
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a civil power
a known emblem of Satan, and his chief agents, or those who govern for him on earth, at that time the pagan empire of Rome, the city built upon seven hills
power of evil; Satan
A constellation of the northern hemisphere figured as a dragon; Draco.
a faint constellation twisting around the north celestial pole and lying between Ursa Major and Cepheus
a fantastic tale set in ancient Japan
a fire-hot fantastical page-turner that this reviewer absolutely recommends
an all-but Wagnerian symphonic instrumental -- with the sound of screaming teenyboppers as its backdrop, with the punchline lurking further afield, among the handful of obvious hits which he also stirred in
Dragon was the name of a popular New Zealand rock band, led by lead singer Marc Hunter and his brother Todd Hunter. Keyboard player Paul Hewson wrote or co-wrote most of the group's earlier hits.
Dragon is a stream cipher developed at the Information Security Institute by Ed Dawson, Kevin Chen, Matt Henricksen, William Millan, Leonie Simpson, HoonJae Leem, and SangJae Moon.
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The Dragon is HCC's mascot.
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The SpaceX Dragon is a proposed conventional blunt-cone ballistic capsule spacecraft, capable of carrying 7 people or a mixture of personnel and cargo, to and from low Earth orbit. The nosecone of the vehicle has a hinged cap which opens to reveal a standard ISS Common Berthing Mechanism, which allows the Dragon to dock to the US segment of the ISS. The capsule is being developed by Space X, a space transportation startup company.
Small blunderbuss or other hand gun carried by dragoons or mounted infantry of the 17th century. The lock was generally a snaphance and the barrel seldom exceeded 16 inches.
a large amount of concrete (in this case about a half ton) submerged in the middle of a narrow point of the road, wherein is vertically mounted a pipe in which one may lock one's arm thereby drastically impeding traffic (hopefully)
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A short musket hooked to a swivel attached to a soldier's belt; -- so called from a representation of a dragon's head at the muzzle.
(aka "Angry Dragon") - When a girl is giving you head and you cum in her mouth. When she is about to swallow, give her a karate chop to the neck, forcing the semen out her nose, like flames from a dragon. - Erik, New York
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Dragon is Jake Shimabukuro's fourth solo album. It was released in October 2005.
The Dragon is a two-stage French solid propellant sounding rocket used for high altitude research. Its first stage was a Stromboli engine (diameter 56 cm) which burned 675 kg of fuel in 16 s and so produced a maximum thrust of 88 kN. A Belier engine was used as the upper stage.
an omen for huge change that if tackled bravely will be favourable and it also suggests that you're not being truthful with yourself about something
a Naval concept--it should give Northrup's Newport News division something to do
J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium features dragons closely based on those of European legend.
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Eagle Elk Tooth
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55h, 61f Entertaining demons 70d, 163j
Australia's Dragons. The current (year 2000) version is the "Year of the Dragon." Each coin comes individually encapsulated in a square plastic case. Australia's Lunar Calendar series began in 1997 as a 'premium' priced .9999 bullion coin. .
a wonderful challenge -- high drama, high risk, high payoff
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A variety of carrier pigeon.
a specialized mine-sweeper assigned to U
Implementation of a combined scanner and parser generator for object oriented C++ or Java code generation
Dragon, first published in 1976, is one of the two official magazines for source material for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.
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one of the honor tiles showing a red, white, or green dragon
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A vehicle, such as a car or truck.
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a woman's best friend
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a person who is true to himself
An opening piece formation for black. (Diagram)
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a long connected shape spanning large areas of the board
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a full-format, full-colour
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a union of strings of the same color which will be treated as a unit