Definitions for "Room with a View"
Keywords:  romantic, novel, comedy, love, story
a book of supreme beauty
a book that warns against books, or against too much trust in them
a delightful novel by E
a sanctuary experience unto itself, as those of us who relish such a privilege can attest
a Tuscan-style guesthouse with vibrant French-provincial interiors
Keywords:  billy, wonderful, episode, bottle, spin
a wonderful episode and I really liked her in Billy as well as Spin The Bottle
Keywords:  romance, happy, ending
a romance with a happy ending
a shining example of Merchant-Ivory's ability to achieve maximum quality and opulence at minimum cost
a triumph of things in motion and things aesthetically arranged, and that's often what we escape to the movies for
Keywords:  nice, track
a very nice track
Keywords:  forever, film, memory, live, your
a film that will live in your memory forever