Definitions for "CHRISTMAS CAROL"
joyful religious song celebrating the birth of Christ
a carol (song or
a carol whose lyrics are on the theme of Christmas , or the winter season in general
a fairy tale disguised by the techniques of verisimilitude
a literary work written long after the time of oral storytelling had passed, its history is very much that of a folk tale
a Victorian morality tale of an old and bitter
a McCarter tradition
a must for all the family
an established tradition, Carr said he is looking forward to taking on new challenges at Fall Creek High School, where he teaches English and drama, and perhaps with the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild
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a timeless work of genius
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Includes solo and choral settings
a cornucopia, nothing material, but filled with everything in emotion
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a great Thanksgiving movie
a really great play
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an annual event at Madison Square Garden
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an argument for intervention
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a fun interactive book as well
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a perfect read
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a popular, required text in many