Definitions for "Capitol Theatre"
The Capitol Theatre, located just off O'Connell Street, Dublin, began life on August 10, 1920 as the La Scala Theatre and Opera House. Despite its name, the La Scala was a cinema. Paramount Pictures took over the lease on the building and renamed it the Capitol.
The Capitol Theatre in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada is an 800 seat, restored 1920s-era vaudeville house on Main Street that serves as the centre for cultural entertainment for the city. Having been converted to a cinema early in its history, the theatre was purchased by the City of Moncton in 1991, restored to its original look commencing in 1992, and was officially reopened as a performance space in 1993. The theatre routinely hosts the live stage productions of Theatre New Brunswick, as well as symphony orchestra and dance performances.
The Capitol Theatre is located in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, and is the last fully restored "atmospheric" movie theatres still in operation in Canada. Constructed in 1930, the interior of the auditorium was designed to resemble a walled medieval courtyard surrounded by a forest. It was also one of the first cinemas in Canada built expressly for talking pictures.