Definitions for "broadway"
a street in Manhattan famous for its restaurants and its theaters in the Times Square area. At its intersection with Seventh Avenue, it forms Times Square, an area with impressive displays of bright lights, particularly advertising; it is considered by some to be the cultural center of New York City.
the theater district of Manhattan, located near Times Square.
The famous theatre district of midtown Manhattan in which 32 theaters are located.
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Broadway is a straight from ten to ace. This is the best possible straight.
AKQJT, an A-high Straight.
A straight containing the cards Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten.
Broadway - Filesharing mit maximaler Downloadgeschwindigkeit f�r Jeden!!!
Broadway is a former electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was created in 1989 and eliminated in 1999, with its territory redistributed into the ridings of Wellington, Point Douglas and Fort Rouge.
An aluminum container to hold the discarded cards. The bucket is in the middle of the layout.
The aluminum part of the table where the used cards are placed.
An aluminum container which holds the discarded cards during the game.
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Broadway is the name given to SW\SE 15th Road in Miami, Florida.
Broadway aims to be an easy way for a user to IP multicast enable their LAN via a tunnel. The nature of this tunnel is such that it is tuned specifically for receiving broadcast-style multicast transmissions.
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