Definitions for "Canal Street"
Canal Street looks across the Rochdale Canal into Sackville Park in the city centre of Manchester. The street is the main focus of Manchester's gay community and is lined with gay bars, clubs, cafes and shops. At night time (and in the daytime during the warmer months) the street is filled with partygoers, many of whom are gay and lesbian tourists from all over the world.
Canal Street is a major street in New York City, crossing lower Manhattan to join New Jersey in the west (via the Holland Tunnel I-78) to Brooklyn in the east (via the Manhattan Bridge). It forms the main spine of Chinatown, and separates it from Little Italy. It also forms the northern boundary of the Tribeca neighborhood and the southern boundary of So Ho.
Canal Street (formerly Canal Street–Holland Tunnel) is a station on the IND Eighth Avenue Line of the New York City Subway. Located at the intersection of Canal Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, it is served by the and trains at all times, and the train at all times except late nights.