Definitions for "Rouge"
A red amorphous powder consisting of ferric oxide. It is used in polishing glass, metal, or gems, and as a cosmetic, etc. Called also crocus, jeweler's rouge, etc.
A cosmetic used for giving a red color to the cheeks or lips. The best is prepared from the dried flowers of the safflower, but it is often made from carmine.
To paint the face or cheeks with rouge.
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Rouge (胭脂扣, Yin ji kau) is a 1987 Hong Kong movie, directed by Stanley Kwan. The movie is the adaptation of the novel by Lilian Lee.
Rouge was a commercially successful, Spice Girls-like Brazilian vocal group and girl band, formed in the first season of the reality show Popstars, broadcated by SBT in 2002. In four years of career, they achieved four Gold, three Platinum and one Diamond album in Brazil and released various hit singles, becoming the most successful Brazilian girl group of all time.
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Rouge was a English-language Action/Adventure television series from Singapore that ran on both and throughout Southeast Asia on MTV Asia in 2004 (both companies also co-produced the program). The show also ran in Australia (on MTV Australia) and the United States (on AZN Television).
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A vampire who feeds upon other vampires, either out of need or perversion.
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A term for a single.