Definitions for "Azurite"
Blue carbonate of copper; blue malachite.
Natural blue pigment that derives from azurite, a natural copper carbonate. It has a light, greenish color, like malachite, which also derives from the same source. Azurite was the most widely used blue pigment in Europe during the Middle Ages
(der) Azurit, (die) Kupferlasur Etymology: lat. azzurum for blue originating from arab. lazaward = blue Chemical formula: Cu3(C03)2(OH)2 Mohs scale: 4 Density: 3,9 Environment: Azurite is a secondary mineral of the oxidized zone of an ore deposit. More specific details can be found in the mineralogy database
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The crystal master no longer needs to eat, drink, or sleep, though she may do so if she desires. (Level restriction: 10th.)