Definitions for "Cards"
CARDS (Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation) is a funding programme to support Stabilisation and Association Agreements (see below) with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, and Serbia and Montenegro. The agreements cover the political, trade and economic relations between the EU and the Balkans.
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Any of the cards of the Dereth Tarot Quest (also GTC for Greater Tarot Card).
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a breeze - Lian-Li provides proper card-slot blanks, which are held in place with thumbscrews
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WML documents that provide the user-interface and navigational settings to display content on mobile devices.
The Address Manager application uses the concept of cards (similar to Rolodex cards) when searching and displaying information about users (address cards), hosts (host cards), and aliases (alias cards).
a game played with playing cards
Computer implementation of a card game; poker, blackjack, solitaire, etc.
soccer is often played between players and fans who may not speak each other's language, so the card system was devised as the universal symbol of fouls.
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A card that is either handed to the swimmer in the bull pen or given to the timer behind the lane. Cards usually list the swimmers name, USS number, seed time, event number, event description, and the lane and heat number the swimmer will swim in. Backup times are written on these cards. Each event has a separate card.
A pair of wooden paddles with rows of wire teeth designed to "card" raw cotton or wool, that is, to align the fibers and even out the fluffiness so that the fiber can be used as quilt batting or spun into yarn.
a criminal and guilty of accepting bribes
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a portion of the Duel Masters franchise
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In a pinball, a series of cards must be “hit” in order to achieve a score. The card will fall down after being hit and will return when all are down.
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an 'e-card' - photo greeting card sent by email.
A record of a customer's account kept on cards for ease of handling and tracking. This is a small version of the posting of ledger cards usually filed by date instead of by customer name to facilitate renewals. When a computer system is in use, this copy may be listed by computer instead of on a card.
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Another term for printed circuit boards.
Circuit boards that plug into computers to provide additional functionality, such as sound and video input and output.
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an easy to use
an order by you for the withdrawal of the amount of the transaction from your Account
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a strong one in many respects
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cardiology, the study of the heart.