Definitions for "Catalog"
A database, in electronic or card format, for finding out what books, journal subscriptions, sound recordings and other materials are owned by the Libraries. It supplies library location, the call number and whether or not the item is checked out. It does not contain information about journal articles. To find journal articles, use an . For more details on what is and what is not in the catalog, go to Catalog: Scope and Limits. To access catalog click here.
A list of all files stored on a disk or in a bank. Sometimes called a directory or volume or listing,etc.
A list of stamps issued, their approxiimate prices, features and other important details.
A college's book of general information about classes, faculty, costs and admission and degree requirements.
official document of the college that contains information on programs, courses, faculty and staff, social and cultural opportunities, and the university's statement of purpose.
The printed College Catalog is published annually. The online catalog is published twice a year. The Catalog contains information about the policies and services of Pima Community College, including all degree and certificate programs, course requirements and descriptions, and student resources. Students can get a printed Catalog at any Advising or Counseling Center, buy one at any campus bookstore, or purchase one by mail by calling (520) 206-4500. The Courses & Degrees section of the website provides the most current information on all credit degrees, certificates and courses.
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The set of system tables in a database that describe the shape of the database. Also known as a schema or data dictionary.
A set of tables and views that contain information about tables, packages, views, indexes, and constraints. The catalog views in QSYS2 contain information about all tables, packages, views, indexes, and constraints on the iSeries server. Additionally, an SQL schema will contain a set of these views that only contains information about tables, packages, views, indexes, and constraints only in the schema.
Design environments contain catalogs as repositories for design cases. For large catalogs, accessing mechanisms are needed to find examples which are relevant to the task at hand.
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Describes a large Open- End envelope usually with a center seam. Cello - Abbreviation for cellophane which is a window material that is very clear. Due to the expense, cello is not used as much as it once was. It can be too reflective, causing errors in OCR reading.
Open end, center seam envelope.
Flap is on the envelope's short side. Its construction is strong to support the catalog's weight. Sizes are described using envelope's dimensions. E.g., 9" x 12" or 6" x 9".
a perfect means to display the products and services that a company offers
Groups of content offerings. A subscriber application obtains a catalog offering from a syndicator, and uses the offers within the catalog to initiate the ICE subscription protocol.
A set of subscription offers. A subscriber obtains a catalog from a syndicator, and uses the offers within the catalog to initiate the ICE subscription protocol.
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Catalog allows to build and maintain Yahoo! style catalogs. It includes a browsing interface and an easy to use template system for customization of the HTML pages. It is fully documented and distributed under the GNU General Public Licence. Catalog is also included in CPAN.
a collection of documents that corresponds to a directory on the file system
a file if a well-defined format hat maps external identifiers and/or entity names to file names in a probably system-dependent but application-independent manner
a logical structure that contains "mapping" information
A collection of Stock Music tracks, songs and/or recordings
a collection of named Command s (or Chain s) that can be used retrieve the set of commands that should be performed based on a symbolic identifier
a must for this collection, but if you are not interested in up-to-date values an older edition will do
a lookup mechanism used to translate entities into other different entities
Entity Management: OASIS Technical Resolution 9401:1997 (Amendment 2 to TR 9401) Paul Grosso, Chair, Entity Management Subcommittee, SGML Open, 10 September 1997. See:
a convenient summary of the Association's publications, tools, and services
a first-of-its-kind compilation of tools and devices selected specifically for RA patients with mild to severe disability
an important recruiting tool when hiring experienced sales people
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a group of folders which gets indexed for search
a site providing an index of the packages
The catalog is an internal index of the content inside Plone so that it can be searched. The catalog object is accessible through the ZMI as the portal_catalog object.
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Amano Tsukiko's a-side singles album. The limited edition 2CD+DVD came with ab extra CD and DVD.
a compilation of items to date and is still available for those who are interested
a durable item
a set of items with properties
a picture of the backup and this is placed on the backup tape
Contains multiple tables and is used by BACKUP.UNET to control and maintain the networked backup environment. Also see data tables.
n. A Class-A information dossier.
to record specific information about an object
Consisting of several pages, showcasing the many available products for that year, including pictures and information.
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a seven-digit system and comes in a maroon hard cover
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an NDS object that holds a snapshot of NDS data specified by the user
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See SAS catalog.
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a complete and systematically
a pricing structure, or "shopping cart" for your clients
a group of metadata records managed by an organization
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a visual medium
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See Data Dictionary.
A category of print modeling which involves models displaying products with the goal of making the products desirable to consumers.
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an example of a context (q
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a lot like a relational table
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Short version to refer to the present Catalog of Fishes.
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a way of organizing the products you want to sell
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an image piece, and some people really need to have something in their hands
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a great way to develop "back-end" sales
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Lands' End
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opens on the short side
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see System Catalog