Definitions for "Archie"
An Internet search facility that searches through directory and file names (and in some instances through file descriptions) in order to determine whether a particular string is present. If you ask an Archie server to find the string "phone" it will return the names of files that include this word, whether it refers to a sound or a telephone.
A program that lets the user search an index of files that can be downloaded from other servers using anonymous FTP.
a search utility that surveys all FTP sites once a month and builds an index. The initial implementation of archie by McGill University School of Computer Science provided an indexed directory of filenames from all anonymous FTP archives on the Internet. Later versions provide other collections of information.
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Archie is a Live CD version of Arch Linux, considered beta. It incorporates the Arch Linux base and uses the Xfce window manager by default.
Annual ryegrass. See Archie variety information sheet.
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Anti-aircraft fire
A database and related programs giving the user information about the contents of various archives.