Definitions for "Pathname"
A sequence of directories, separated by a forward slash (/) on Unix, a backward slash (\) in Windows and a colon (:) or forward slash character (/) on Apple Macintosh operating systems. A pathname specifies the location of a file and may be absolute (i.e. giving its whole or complete address on the system) or relative (i.e. its position in relation to another part of the system).
a file name given as the sequence of directories that lead to the file. A pathname can be either a full pathname or a relative pathname Select the item UNIX File System from the Concepts menu for a more detailed explanation.
The name of a file or folder listed with all parent folders. This is the full name which the computer uses for a folder or a file.
(Legato Storage Manager Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
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This attribute represents the path component of the Location's URI which consists of everything after the host and port up to and excluding the first question mark (?) or hash mark (#).
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a lot like a street address