Definitions for "Folders"
In Remository, files can be grouped together in folders, the containers below the top level categories. Folders can be nested as deeply as you need to achieve the desired organisation. Files can appear at any level.
Special files used for storing e-mail messages.
Folders are the organizational system on the computer where you can put things such as programs/applications, papers, and preferences. It is just like your filing cabinet at home or at work where you can file things away. Examples of some folders within your computer are My Documents, Program Files, and you are also able to create and name any file you wish. To create a new folder, just right click and choose, 'New' and then 'Folder.'
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Virtual storage devices for email. Apart from the ones that arrive with your email software, like, Inbox, Outbox, Sent items, Drafts and Deleted items, you can add as many extra folders as you like.
A representation of a database table in the EUL. Presenting tables as folders is another way to shield the end user from the complexities of the database. grant To give a user access to a module. Only a module's creator can grant its access to other users.
noun: the destination for images being downloaded from a camera to a computer