Definitions for "revert "
Keywords:  fakie, skater, backward, trick, versa
noun, verb An extra element to add to a trick by continuing the motion of the trick until the board and skater are going backwards. To clarify: to do a frontside air revert is to do a frontside air, land, and then to turn around, in the frontside direction, and go backwards towards the next wall. The motion here completes a circle, all in the same direction. Therefore, a backside ollie revert means to spin in the backside direction. (clockwise for regular footers)
Continuing a trick until the skater and board are going backwards.
To switch from riding fakie to forward, or from forward to fakie, usually while the board is still touching the ground.
Revert sets back timestamps on files if they have not changed. If a source file has identical content to a destination file but the destination's modification time is newer, the mtime is set back to the same as the source. This can save time when using make and generated files, for example. Usage is like cp.
To turn back, or to the contrary; to reverse.
To throw back; to reflect; to reverberate.
To return to a previous condition.
To return; to come back.
To return to the proprietor after the termination of a particular estate granted by him.
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Revert Scrap. Home scrap that normally would be used by the producing plant.
Titanium products and scrap that are recycled into the production process to manufacture new mill and semi-finished products.
Recycled sprues, gates, risers, defective castings and machine chips.See Casting, Gate, Riser, Sprue.
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One who, or that which, reverts.