Definitions for "Workspace"
The region of a window that contains data; for HyperChem, a molecular system.
(1) (n.) The current screen display, the icon s and window s it contains, and the unoccupied screen area where you can place object(2) (n.) A specially designated (but standard) directory and its subdirectory hierarchy. Usually, each developer on a project works in his or her own isolated workspace concurrently with other developers who are programming in other workspaces.
A window or task management technique that consists of a container holding a set of objects, where the windows of the contained objects are constrained to a parent window. Similar to the multiple document interface, except that the windows displayed within the parent window corresponding to objects that are also contained in the workspace.
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a collection of projects, files, and folders
a container of projects that has its own set of preferences and metadata
a container of spatial and non-spatial datasets such as feature classes, raster datasets and tables
a discrete area in the GNOME Desktop in which you can work
a virtual datastore
a virtual desktop that fluxbox provides
a context within which Puffin executes
a general place where snippets of Smalltalk code can be edited and executed
an abstraction of an execution environment that captures its software configuration aspects as well as the resource quota assigned to it
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space allocated for your work (as in an office)
The personal space to accommodate a desk, chair, storage unit and equipment, including a personal computer. The great majority of workspaces at Exeter occupy 6.75 square metres. This figure includes some secondary circulation space, but excludes any share of primary circulation (walkways etc.) meeting rooms or shared equipment such as MFDs. XYZ
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a collection of frames
a collection of RSS, NNTP, tasks and contacts aggragated around a topic
a collection of summary pages and forums that one group uses to work toward a common goal
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The section of the GUI where tools are displayed.
The section of the graphical user interface where tools display.
Section of the Joomla! Admin where the business of configuration and content publishing takes place. The workspace dynamically updates as you select tools and menu options. The workspace can include: HTML editor, article and link management and several other features.
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A SAS Integrated Object Model (IOM) workspace represents a single session with the SAS System. It is also a root object in the IOM object hierarchy. In function, it is similar to the Application object, which is available in many Microsoft products.
The work area that contains the Java code that you are developing and the class libraries on which your code depends. Program elements must be added to the workspace from the repository before they can be modified.
a repository for shared information, accessible (only) to group members
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the now former "office" of ACT UP, located at 135 West 29th Street, 10th Floor.
The floor space around the machine. There is normally three feet of clearance around the system for workspace.
a convenient grouping that allows you to work on multiple workflows at a time
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a type of control that is included in CAB
Keywords:  manifest, arranged, ids, charts, paths
an organized arrangement of charts
a tree of files in your file system, arranged according to the list of file paths and IDs in a particular manifest
a shell that a developer can use to introduce visual effects, layout strategies, or other behaviors consistently without affecting business logic components
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See console.
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a place where groups or organizations with common purposes and goals can share ideas and work together
a website where teams come together and share information
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a way to privately edit nodes and allow them to function differently for you, than for the rest of the world
a special web site where users can share information about a document, meeting, etc
The available area where the user is expected to operate, maintain, and service the equipment.
(Application Developer's Guide - Workspace Manager; search in this book)
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a client-side copy of files from the source control server
a place where people can work on writing documents together
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See client workspace.
Workspace is a term used for several different purposes in computer programming.