Definitions for "Cab"
A type of hormone therapy that involves combining an antiandrogen drug with an LHRH analog or with orchiectomy. Also called total androgen blockade (TAB) or maximal androgen blockade (MAB).
complete androgen blockade. a form of hormone therapy where tablets and injections are taken in combination. Another name for MAB.
complete androgen blockade (see maximal androgen deprivation)
a compartment in front of a motor vehicle where driver sits
Driver compartment of a truck or tractor-trailer.
The compartment from which the operator controls the crane.
The covered part of a locomotive, in which the engineer has his station.
a train car that holds all the train's controls, and where the engineer rides.
The section of the locomotive that contains the controls and where the engineer and fireman customarily ride.
Consumer Advisory Board
Civil Aeronautics Board. A commission which promotes and regulates the civil air transport industry in the U.S. and between the U.S. and foreign countries.
community advisory board. a group of community members (e.g., people with HIV/AIDS, care providers, advocates) who provide recommendations regarding clinical research.
combat aviation battalion, next higher command over a company.
combat aviation brigade.
Combined Arms Brigade
Citizens' Advice Bureau. A voluntary service provided in most major towns which offers free advice to individuals on financial and other matters. A very useful starting point for anyone experiencing credit problems.
Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux
Citizens Advice Bureaux.
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Crazy American Mustard (I cannot swear here and use the B word) Khalsa_PC1
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rockhound term for "cabachon."
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A kind of close carriage with two or four wheels, usually a public vehicle.
small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; with two seats and a folding hood
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Cricket Association of Bengal
An enclosure to protect a machine operator from the elements.
Arcade Cabinet. This is the actual structure of the machine. Usually a combination of wood, plastic and metal, or sometimes all wood. See also Arcade Machine for Sale
Acoustic compliance of air in the enclosure
An acronym for the CPUC's Consumer Affairs Branch which assists consumers in resolving complaints against utilities.
a British system built around an artificial two-club opening with ace-showing responses and Blackwood.
a housing which covers the rotating superstructure machinery and/or operator's station
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A term for a fakie 360 degree turn.
An abstract term referring to the modifications we make of the cell structure of DCE to accomplish the delegation of the administrative access rights that are needed to be able to run a production system within a common DCE cell.
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A Hebrew dry measure, containing a little over two (2.37) pints.
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A trade that allows options traders to liquidate deep out-of-the-money options by trading the option at a price equal to one-half tick.
A cabinet bid, which is a facility enabling holders of deep out-of-the-money options to close their positions at a nominal £1 per contract.
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Short for cabochon. As well, short for cabinet specimen, ~3" or bigger.
Short for caballerial.
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The act of starting a trick tail first.
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Cabcharge Australia Limited
Abbreviation for cabinet. (speaker) - Category: Equipment and Gear
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Conformity Assessment Body
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Slang for "Cabinet."
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Carrier Access Business