Definitions for "Civil society"
Includes social groups of a society such as NGOs, women¹s and youth groups, faith based organisations, user and interest groups (e.g. people living with HIV/AIDS, labour groups) and many others
non-corporate, non-governmental organizations that work to promote the public interest
This term has many meanings. Some use it to describe the combination of decency, civility, and manners that are adopted as an antidote to the harsh edge of public debate. Others consider the term to be synonymous with private charity, volunteerism, and service. For most, maintaining a civil society means affirming and strengthening the community-based, voluntary, religious, and civic institutions in our society that sustain our democracy.
an entirely human endeavor constructed out of a consenting populous with the sole intention of preserving personal assets and is thereby restricted in the reach of its power
A complex contested term, usually referring to all people, their activities and their relationships that are not part of the process of government. It may also be used to cover all processes other than government and economic activity.
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a place where people feel safe and at home