Definitions for "itself"
a kind of "text" that functions through a coding system called "genetic code," which is strikingly similar to codes used by human beings
a symbolic Saussurian code
a very simple piece of software, mailbox and index code is directly from Dovecot so if Dovecot works well for you so should LDA's basic functionality work also
a causal factor for increase in glutamate release and delayed neuronal cell death induced by transient ischemia in rats Yoshimi Misu Dept
a low-efficacy agonist ( Brown et al
an analogue of aspartate (can also act as a weak agonist at most glutamate receptors)
a bit of a kludge, as the Star Fox license was added to an already in progress game
a drab, dozy place which nowadays betrays little of its former status as a high-altitude health resort and favoured training camp of Bulgaria's wrestlers and weightlifters
a young company the stars of the company are all talented trained wrestlers with years of experience
a network of NGOs throughout Asia that engages in advocacy on various
an NGO but it doesn't fully disclose its own financial supporters or its international affiliates,'' he said
an underground paramilitary, currently in a ceasefire, but often engaged in open warfare against the British in Northern Ireland
a inhibitory neurotransmitter, infusion of picrotoxin has a stimulative effect
a neurotransmitter and/or neuromodulator in addition to being a precursor of dopamine
an international conference hosting numerous people from various countries
a much bigger organisation today
an autocratic organization run by a man with an extensive Marxist past
an extremely compartmentalized and factioned organization, and the NSA and NSC which ultimately supervise the CIA may have wanted it that way, so that it could be more easily regimented
a bad idea for, she contends, it gives religious entities special rights to challenge local zoning laws
a bad idea, we're just saying that we don't believe that it needs to be a separate discipline or job title
a bad law, he disagrees with how it has been interpreted and used
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a mukhota for the BJP
a minuscule food risk
an amphetamine-like stimulant, combining it with other stimulants can result in an increased risk of overdosage
a risk factor for development of lymphoma and it has been difficult to disentangle the effect of the disease from the effect of the treatment on this adverse outcome
a great social university, probably because it is campus-based which gives a sense of community whilst being close enough to the city centre to indulge in the hedonistic pleasures therein
a very large campus building
a real thigh-slapper, peppered with a constant stream of sarcastic remarks, mordant observations and ironic asides
an altazimuth reflector whose Ritchey- Chretien optics
a mission of the Diocese of Rwanda, a missionary outreach of the African Church
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a nice little river-side town
a perfectly pleasant place for a holiday, with the Anglesea River running through to the sea, and picnic grounds along its banks
a family, and we are the most uniform and prepared group of professionals to exit ASU
a member of a chemical family known as phenethylamines
a surrogate family
a demonstration of how the American race/caste problem will resolve- Latinos intermarrying all the other groups, creating a national continuum
a method of graphical representation for a computer programming, like flow chart or PAD, and it does not give us a magical problem solving power
a handful of weatherboard cottages in amongst the rainforest at the top of the range
a producer of successful wildlife programmes and commercials, sports programmes and soccer shows
a relatively simple technology, easy to pick up for programmers
a series of immediate priority interventions, which seek to build on and shape broader ongoing governmental programmes
a congressional impingement
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an extremist group
a street of Disney shops where you can buy everything from Clothing to Jewelry, Ornaments to Kitchenware
an eloquent witness to the Arab resentment against the tax
a convenient front-end to other modules in the bundle that sits between the user and other modules, and pre-processes data to meet expectations of both
an inevitable, easy to form pre-requistite for life in the universe
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an incoherent nation
a Rails application that needs to reside on the same machine as the subversion repository
a solid machine, just overpriced, and THAT is the issue
a copy of DNA made by isolating the mRNA, purifying it, and placing it into a vector for growth, in order to deduce the sequence of the DNA
a creature of executive order
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a joke and this just tops the lot a child could do better
a seemingly vast umbrella for related architectural constraints that can be assembled a lot of different ways
The neuter reflexive pronoun of It; as, the thing is good in itself; it stands by itself.
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a fairly small agreement for the United States
a stark, slim black unit
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a quotient of some other graded quotient B of R (i
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a sub-class of TclObject
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a " safe haven for torturers"
a set of rules that govern trade, and as such provide a playing field for multinationals, with the purported goal of leading to better outcomes for consumers
a product of postponed decisions in the past, the implementation of ANCSA is marked by decisions that are postponed into the future
a complex animal - to its critics, it's run by a club of old boys who rule over private fiefdoms in some States with no tolerance for criticism
a carcinogen, it is possible certain foods that contain ALA have cancer -causing effects that are unrelated to their ALA content
a waiver of sovereign immunity, and independently provides a statutory right to money damages
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a member and in the council of which the IWGA is represented
a member of various economic associations at the German and European levels
a blend of technology and innovative leadership, resulting in dramatic changes in operational doctrines and concepts
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a non-profit making company limited by guarantee which is jointly owned by the ALCS and the PLS
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a prime suspect
a GAG, but is composed of several thousand disaccharide units, rather than several hundred or less, as are other GAGs
a civil liberties matter
a separate matter
a very complex matter, the manner that it
a gathering of all this, remaining an adversary of christian beliefs
a disorder to be treated, not an orientation to be affirmed
a metabolic catastrophe, but also because significant underlying infection or other disorders may be present
an elliptical galaxy, and a strong source of radio waves
an example of a policy that has the effect of keeping collective bargaining alive, because it requires that there be a bargaining relationship between the contractor and the unions in order to qualify under that agreement
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a product of collaboration
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a left turning spiral
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an all in one type offensive stat
a government agency
an agency certified by the California Environmental Protection Agency to implement and administer these six environmental programs within its local jurisdiction
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a form of divinity
a tax-exempt account, similar to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), used to pay for eligible medical expenses
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a restraint of trade under the state's public interest laws, even if it is legal in the eyes of the feds, and should be re-examined
a quality control and assurance certification of a person's competency
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a piece of shit
an intended likely target has otherwise been addressed on this page
a free download, but it's also INCLUDED in most major distributions
an acronym for Customer Interactive Management Application
a collection of information and genes accumulated from many different sources
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a college-based movement
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a business unit, because we need management information, in order for us to run our business
an account that you have with a financial institution
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a service contract