Definitions for "Impingement"
The act of striking.
Compression or entrapment of a nerve or muscle.
Process of removing liquid or solid contaminate from a stream of compressed air or gas by causing the flow to impinge on a baffle plate at a high velocity. Contaminate falls off by gravity into a large quiescent sump area to prevent the contaminates from being picked up a second time by the velocity of the stream. May also be used on liquid streams to separate solid contaminates.
have an effect, come into contact, encroach
Abnormal compression or encroachment of one anatomical structure on another.
Encroaching upon; used to point out compression, deformation, or displacement of the nerve roots or thecal sac. Instead of impingement, in the case of the nerve root or sac not being clearly distorted, but being inseparable from a disc herniation or hypertrophic facet (in MRI reports), ï3/4“abuttingï3/4” or ï3/4“contactingï3/4” are better descriptions.
The physical contact of gas- laden flow against a filter media. Typically referring to an abrasive wear caused by this impact.
As used in air-sampling, impingement refers to a process for the collection of particulate matter in which a particle containing gas is directed against a wetted glass plate and the particles are retained by the liquid.
The process in which particles are removed from an airstream because of their inertia. As air containing a particle flows toward a filter fiber or other collecting surface, the particle does not follow the airstreamlines because of its inertia. Instead it moves in a straight line colliding with the filter fiber or surface to which it may become attached.
A defect of the shoulder in which the space between the acromion and rotator cuff narrows and pinches the rotator cuff tendons. Impingement is the most common cause of rotator cuff problems, including rotator cuff tears.
a term often used, when referring to the shoulder, to describe the concept of pathologic pressure on the rotator cuff from part of the shoulder blade (scapula) as the arm is lifted
influencing strongly; "they resented the impingement of American values on European culture"
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a rubbing movement which causes pain.
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The act of impinging.